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1. Is it possible to buy Gold through the internet?

The answer is yes. Currently there are many companies worldwide with which you can buy gold and precious metals online. Bearing this in mind, you should look for appropriate references and reviews. One of the companies with the best ratings is Regal Assets and you can look for references in the following link.

2. What is a Gold IRA?

A Gold IRA is a type of retirement account that allows you to hold physical gold and is a great way to invest in the gold and precious metals market.

Gold IRA offers the opportunity for investors and retirees looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum and also cryptocurrencies.

The growing inflation worldwide, market turbulence, political and economic instability are some reasons why investors seek real alternatives to protect their assets.

3. What is a Regal IRA and where can I find more information?

More information can be found at 


and on the Regal Assets YouTube account: 


4. What steps does a prospective client need to take to set up a precious metals IRA?

The steps a potential client must follow to set up a precious metals account is to simply complete the Gold IRA form which can be found at 


5. What kind of precious metals can I buy at Regal Assets?

You can buy metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. You can also buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin.

6. What are the reasons for choosing Regal Assets over other companies? 

Official members of Forbes.com Councils and Entrepreneur.com Leadership Network

Hundreds of millions in retirement account transfers

You can repurchase your products any business day of the week and have funds in the IRA within 24 hours of the sale

It has an experienced staff that seeks to answer all questions and provide clarity without being pushy

7. Why do Regal Assets services stand out from their competitors?

It is currently the only precious metals company in the business to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a AAA rating with the Business Consumer Alliance, with only 1 complaint being over 2 years old. It also has over 333+ 5 out of 5 TrustLink verified customer reviews. In addition, he has been featured in major publications such as Smart Money, Forbes, and Inc. Magazine. Regal Assets has been ranked #20 in the US for financial services by Inc. Magazine and has been featured in the 2013 Investing Guide for Forbes magazine.

For all precious metal purchases, including retirement accounts, has one of the fastest shipping processes and typically places precious metals in the customer's possession within 7 business days of account funding . Most competitors in the precious metals business take more than 30 days for delivery and up to 90 days for retirement accounts. If you miss the 7 business day deadline for metals shipping, add 1 free ounce Silver American Eagle to customers order for free. When the items are shipped, the customer is notified and receives a tracking number so they can trace the precious metals to their doorstep. All precious metals shipped are shipped discreetly and are fully insured. Regal Assets assumes all responsibility for precious metals until signed and received by the customer.

When it comes to precious metals retirement accounts, the company leads the industry, providing the best storage and fee structure, as well as the fastest processing time. When it comes to precious metal retirement account storage, use Brinks and all storage is segregated. It is the only precious metals company that has segregated storage with Brinks for a flat fee of $150.00 per year; most of our competitors start at $225.00 per year for segregated storage and typically do not offer it. In addition, the administration fees for the year on all retirement accounts are a flat $100.00. Most competitors in the industry have a sliding scale management fee schedule that costs customers more as account value increases. Competitors also have the same sliding fee schedule for storage, costing the customer more as the account grows.

When it comes to processing times, it is one of the only precious metals firms that does everything electronically, which means the client does not have to sign documents by hand. Doing business electronically eliminates many problems faced by competitors and shortens the transfer process. Since everything is done electronically, a new IRA can be opened within 24 business hours of receiving a signed application form. Typical competitors take 5-7 business days to open a new IRA account. When it comes to transferring requested funds from a custodian, it is usually done within 48 business hours. The average competitors take up to 30 days and up to 90 days to complete the transfer of funds. All first year fees on customer retirement accounts are covered, including setup fees, management fees, storage fees, and metal delivery. This is a savings of over $700.00 that most competitors make the customer pay. After the client locks in the precious metals prices and funds their precious metals position, everything is typically shipped to Brinks within 7 business days. It is the only precious metals company that ships retirement accounts within 7 business days of funding. Typical competitors take over 30 days to ship precious metals and up to 90 days.

8. What is the minimum investment amount for cash transactions?

The current minimum investment amount for cash transactions is $5,000.00

9. What is the minimum investment amount for a precious metals retirement account?

The current minimum investment amount for precious metals retirement accounts is $10,000.00

10. What annual fees does Regal Assets charge for retirement accounts?

A flat fee of $250.00 per year is charged for each retirement account regardless of account value. The fee is divided into $100.00 for account administration and $150.00 for separate storage of metals. While all precious metals are held at Brinks, they are fully insured. Retirement account first year fees are paid, including setup fees, management fees, storage fees, and metal delivery. All precious metals retirement accounts will not receive a bill until the second year and the bill will be a flat $250.00.

11. I need free guides, where can I get them?

12. I want to invest and I live in the United States. Where can I register?

You can visit and register your data in the following links:

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